Achieve represents at Miss Pole Dance Australia – Andrea Ryff

In November Achieve Pole Studio owner represented Achieve Pole Studio as a national finalist in Australia’s most prestigious pole competition – Miss Pole Dance Australia at the Enmore Theatre. She was joined onstage by three Achieve students as human props and together they put on quite a show.

Many in the audience cited this performance to be one of their favourite with a strong theme & performance quality.

Dancing to Linkin Parks Papercut the concept of the piece is about the face we all have within.

Congratulations Andrea, Faria, Lisa & Ella – this performance was amazing! You did us proud.

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    Top-level pole dancers display awe-inspiring skill and strength and easily slot into the “supreme athlete” category. Two such over- Australian women who have reached this high level of athleticism include Andrea Ryff, 42, from NSW, and Joanna Littlewood-Johnson, 47, from Western Australia. Both of these women competed in the 2015 International Pole Championships in Hong Kong, where Littlewood-Johnson won the Masters Ultimate Champion title and Ryff won the Masters Pole Art division title. These women are a testament that age really isn’t a barrier.


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